Set up your Status Page

Now that you set-up your website monitor (and possibly your heartbeat monitor), it's time to set up your status page.

CheqUptime allows you to:

✓ Showcase your website monitors and heartbeat monitors on your status page.

✓ Host your status page on your own custom domain (*not available to Basic Plan)

✓ Password-protect your status page if needed.

✓ Customize your status page – logo, favicon, Custom CSS, Custom JS.

Step 1: Head to "Status pages" from the left menu

Step 2: Click on "+Create status page" in the top right corner

Step 3: Setup your status page

You can set up:

Step 4 : Further Settings (After creation)

You can set up more details about the status page after the creation.

Head to editing your status page through:

Three buttons next to your status page's name

Choose "Edit" from the menu


Through Advanced settings, you can:

In addition to a few other settings too.


You can add your social media handles to be included in the footer of the status page


You're all set 🎉

Share your Status page on Twitter and tag us @CheqUptime and we'll retweet!


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