White-labeling the Status Page

If you're an team, you'd probably prefer to white-label your status page or the status pages you build for your clients.

Here are a few suggestions.

Host the Status Page on your Domain

Instead of hosting the status page on CheqUptime's status page or your client's status page, it would give you more visibility to host your clients' status page on your own domain.

Here's the Guide on how to connect your Custom Domain.

Add your Custom JS/CSS

You can add your custom JS and CSS on the status page.

Head to editing your status page through:

Three buttons next to your status page's name

Choose "Edit" from the menu

Then select the "Customizations" tab.

Use your Favicon

Instead of adding your client's favicon on their status page, it would give you more visibility to add your favicon on your clients' status page. This would even match your custom domain.

Favicon can be added via Customizations tab too.

Add your Social Media on the Status Page

To drive new clients to you via your existing clients' status page, you can add your social media handles, your email and website to your clients' status page.

This can be done via the Socials tab on the status page,

You're all set 🎉

Share your Status page on Twitter and tag us @CheqUptime and we'll retweet!